Thursday, May 14, 2009

A special day! May 14

Classy & Mallie love to take naps together! So sweet!

This outfit is really special because I wore it when was a baby.
And this was my favorite blankie. Mallie wore it to church last Sunday.

Such a happy baby!

This is such a special day. May 14 will always be precious to us! Our first baby was due to be born on May 14 2008. That baby is in heaven with Jesus. We had a miscarriage and that was the hardest thing I have ever been through, but it was also a time when God taught me so much.
That day is so special because on that day we got to hear Mallie's heartbeat for the first time!
I never could have imagined that it would be such a joyous day, but my God is so faithful.
As I look over at my precious baby girl I'm overwhelmed with emotions. We have a healthy and happy baby! While every day is different and some days are really hard. I'm so blessed.
I love you Mallie pie!
Here is a 4 month update:
-You love your cereal!
-You think it's so funny & cute to blow bubbles(spit) & it is
-Still gets up once a night to eat and still sleeps beside our bed. I'm beginning to think you may sleep in our room until college.
-You HAVE TO have your passy to go to sleep and usually freak out if it falls out.
-You smile all the time and it melts mommy & daddys heart.
-You are really becoming interested in Classy!
-You roll from your belly to your back and are so close to rolling the other way.
-Still looks just like your daddy and not a bit like your mommy.

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